Saturday, May 8, 2010

Undivided - The Passion (2010)

This year may be exceptionally good as far as Polish jazz is concerned because some extraordinary recordings are coming to the market just now and this one is definitely one of them. Undivided is the name of the group of musicians led by Wacław Zimpel, Polish clarinetist and composer of all the music on this album which is accompanied by talents of such remarkable artists as Bobby Few on piano, Mark Tokar on bass and Klaus Kugel on drums. The idea of music is crystal clear: to delve upon centuries old subject of The passion, the pain and death of Our Saviour Jesus. It sounds somewhat too pathetic for jazz enterprise but Zimpel and his colleagues prove that it is not true. Truly a pearl of Polish and European music of year 2010. 
I shall not write more about this record because I can recommend you excellent review of this album on one of my befriended blogs, namely
I you like to listen to samples of the music from this album please visit artist's page:
Best Polish free jazz album so far this year! 


  1. I've been at this album performance in Lviv Philharmony, Ukraine. Wonderful, very deep-thought music. Waclaw Zimpel as composer has great potential. Good luck to all members!/ Yuri Yeleyko


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