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Maciej Nowotny - Chief Editor

Maciej Nowotny created Polish-Jazz blog where he works as a chief editor and author. He is also active as a journalist in the most significant jazz related media in Poland including Jazz Forum, JazzPress and Jazzarium.pl as well as in other places like for example TVP Kultura. He also runs his own radio show at radioJAZZ.FM called "Kocham Jazz".

Adam Baruch - Co-Editor of English version

Adam Baruch is one of the world's leading authorities on Jazz Music. He is a writer, critic, historian, researcher, teacher, broadcaster, discographer, photographer, concert and festival organizer, record producer, label owner and a music activist. Since he was born in Poland and was exposed to Polish Jazz since his childhood, his knowledge on the subject is extensive and it was always dear to his heart. His other writings can be seen on his "The Soundtrack Of My Life" web site.

Tomasz Łuczak - Co-Editor of English version, media patronage

Tomasz Łuczak is one of the creators of independent music service Screenagers.pl, where he writes not only about jazz music. He is also responsible for contacts with the media and media patronage. He collaborated with the most important Polish jazz service Diapazon.pl and now he occasionally collaborates with Jazzarium.pl and JazzPress.

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  1. Hello

    When I lived in Munich, I led a jazz quartet. Jurek Bezucha was my drummer.

    Do you have any information on him, his recordings, etc?

    He passed away sometime around 1992 or so. By that time I was living in Texas (where I am still)


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