Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kerd - Swobodna wymiana (2007)

I knew next to nothing about this group and I bought this record on recommendation of befriended clerk in my favourite record store. In terms of music this is mix of rock, electronic, dance, ambient and jazz music. The title of this cd can be translated as Free Exchange and this is what makes it close to jazz because in couple of songs musicians go free and improvise. Although it is still rather a shy try it shows they have inclination towards more ambitious music and I wish they go in that direction wholeheartadly because it's making their music much more interesting and inspiring.

The band consists of Marcin "Banan" Banasiak (drums), Mikołaj "Miki" Harasimiuk (guitars&ambients), Krzysztof Pieszak (electric piano&synths) and Cezary Potocki (bass). This album is second in their career after debut titled simply Kerd which was issued last in 2008. These guys are not yet signed with any record company but nonetheless managed to print this record on their own. It shows that their dedication to music is as strong as their musical skills. I feel we shall hear more about these musicians in future.

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