Sunday, February 7, 2010

Możdżer, Danielsson, Fresco - The Time (2005)

Who is Lars Danielsson I don't have to write, because he is simply widely known in Europe as one of the most creative and succesful double bass players in mainstream jazz. I may only mention his last recording Melange Bleu issued on 2006 which is most interesting affair linking mainstream, new jazz and trip hop moods. Zohar Fresco is least known of the three, native of Israel, but of Turkish origin he is very well acquainted with both western and oriental percussion instruments which makes him invaluable addition to the trio.
As for Leszek Możdżer, he is simply a giant of jazz scene in Poland, that can be only compared to Tomasz Stańko in terms of artistic output and influence. He started as avant-garde pianist in 90ties in famous group Love (Miłość) which eventually triggered yass revolution in Poland changing completely the outlook of modern polish jazz. But today he ventures all possible ways of jazz engaging himself in projects from free and avant-garde to mainstream or even pop or smooth jazz. Such proliferic attitude is revered by many but also despised by some making his voice both distinctive but also controversial.
The music on this album is very communicative, melodic, easy-to-listen. Songs comprise original compositions but also improvisations on medieval song, Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit or Komeda's Svantetic. The music is very coherent, rewarding and delivered with best possible quality. And in Poland it sold like hell reaching in a span of weeks double platinium status. Excellent proposal for all who like beautiful music that has true jazz heart, free and improvising, but still is closer to popular tastes rather than avant-garde.
Just guess what kind of song it is:

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