Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stealpot - Mass Mess.AGE (2005)

When this record was issued in 2005 it made quite an impact on Polish scene because it was one of the most successful excursion in the field of nu jazz. It was also great surprise that it was created by 19 years old trumpeter Szymon Folwarczny from Katowice who was virtually unknown on Polish up-to-that-date. I think one of characteristics of Polish jazz is that it is either conservative or avant-garde inclined while it is relatively indigent in artists and bands exploring its modern and dance-oriented face. Although abroad we have hundreds or even thousands new recording venturing in territory of jazz, trip hop, ambient pop or down-tempo. I wish Polish jazz would show more inclination towards this kind of music because these are rhythms that are most popular among many listeners of jazz nowadays. To back my views I can call for Tomasz Stańko example who has fruitful collaboration with one of the most talented artist on this scene, DJ Smolik. Hoping that we shall listen to much more of such successful nu jazz recording coming from Polish artists let me invite you to see a video clip made by artist's friends to title track from this album. In film you may see pictures from Polish city of Katowice where Folwarczny lives:
OLD STUFF #4 - Stealpot - Mass Message (Unofficial Music Video) HD from Przemek Pyrek on Vimeo.

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