Friday, August 6, 2010

Janusz Muniak Quartet - Crazy Girl (1986)

This is 2010 CD re-print of vinyl album issued in 1996 and although on this blog I rather tend to focus on completely new things in Polish jazz, once I started to listen to this music in Empik music store I just couldn't resit and decided to buy it. Responsible for that is first track on this album, Crazy Girl, a very famous composition of legendary Krzysztof Komeda which is so  beautiful played here that you feel dumb and stunned for as long as music flows from speakers and then you simply cannot imagine yourself walking away without piece of this music in your pocket and mind.
Janusz Muniak is indeed one of true masters of Polish jazz coming from the same generation as Komeda, Stańko or Trzaskowski with whom he played of course for many years. He also started as leader in 70ties and continued later on recording significant material as this album testifies. 
As I said before the program of the album starts with Komeda Crazy Girl (please listen to the clip if you want to get to know this tune), then You Taught My Heart To Sing by McCoy Tyner follow, I Remember April comes third and CD ends with original penned by Muniak titled Znienacka ("Unexpectedly"). These tunes are so good I need not to comment on them with Muniak's original no less good. Apart from sensitive and powerful tenor of Muniak we meet on this CD on piano Wojciech Puszek, relatively unknown, but I must say that he plays astonishing jazz here, marvellous performance, on bass Zbigniew Wegehaupt, great Polish bassist who is in absolutely top form here, and on drums George Bruckner, whose play left me the least impressed.
Finally let me tell you one very important thing: Janusz Muniak started to play in early sixties in Cracow and since 50 years has passed if you ever visit this unforgettable city of Cracow you still may hear him playing in his own jazz club U Muniaka:   

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