Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wojciech Myrczek Quintet - We'll Be Together Again (2010)

This record was added to summer (7-8/2010) edition of Jazz Forum magazine and this music was very well coupled with this season of the year. It is warm, tender and and cheerful. Young singer embarks on journey across jazz standards as if cruising round some Caribbean island. One can imagine not only luxurious ship and its captain with cigar in his mouth but also refined and cultured passengers that can appreciate jazz standards played and sung with such a elegance. I see them chatting, mashing and dancing to this music flowing from the scene so effortlessly, so easy, so skillfully. Certainly Myrczek is the most interesting debutant in male jazz vocalists for years. And honestly speaking there never have been too many of them in Poland too. With few exceptions Polish Jazz can be associated with all kind of musicianship but rather not with male jazz singers. Is it possible that Myrczek or other young artists may change this situation? Time will show... 
To listen to one of songs sung by this artist please visit following web page: Finally let me note hat Myrczek enjoys solid backing by following musicians: Marcin Kaletka (tenor saxophone), Michał Wierba (piano), Michał Kapczuk (double bass) and Sebastian Kuchczyński (drums)

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