Friday, February 15, 2013

Gentle Jazz Trio - December (2012)

Gentle Jazz Trio

Ewa Nawrot - vocal
Maciej Flaczyński - jazz guitar
Paweł Rogoża

December (2012)

By Maciej Nowotny

Rather typical collection of Polish and international carols performed in "jazzy" style. Although nothing special in itself, still this CD is interesting because of musicians taking part in it. Ewa Nawrot has gritty and coarse voice (if somewhat uncontrolled) which seems to be created for good jazz singing. Maciej Flaczyński playing on guitar is sensitive yet expressive. Finally Paweł Rogoża is playing on saxophone whom we know from such good bands as Light Coorporation or Lentoid. His tone is very individual, charismatic and he manages to keep listener's attention even if this repertoire doesn't seem to be his favorite.  I would really like to hear this trio in some decent contemporary project since they seem to have chemistry with each other. However this specific music is too standard to be treated as displaying their whole potential.

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