Monday, June 10, 2013

Polish-Jazz blog provides media patronage for new album by Maciej Fortuna Trio !!!

Maciej Fortuna Trio

Maciej Fortuna – trumpet
Piotr Lemańczyk – double bass
Krzysztof Gradziuk – drums
Marta Podulka - vocals (track 07)

At Home (2013)

The new, already third album of Maciej Fortuna Trio is a very personal release which came into being in the home recording studio in December 2012. For the members of the band it is a fruit of months of working on the stage, a summary of the chequered past year, during which they played 89 concerts together. New compositions interwine with open forms. This is the first album in which Maciej Fortuna’s unique musical language outlines fully. The end result of this release would not feature its exceptional shape if it had not been for the equivalent input of each member of the Trio. The new recording is a bridge between the previous achievements of the complement and their new programme being under preparation for several months.


01. For Alice - Maciej Fortuna
02. Travel To Anhram - Maciej Fortuna
03. No Man's Land - Maciej Fortuna
04. Rivendell - Maciej Fortuna
05. Night - Maciej Fortuna
06. Prelude - Maciej Fortuna
07. Story in 4 Parts: I - Maciej Fortuna Trio
08. Story in 4 Parts: II - Maciej Fortuna Trio
09. Story in 4 Parts: III - Maciej Fortuna Trio
10. Story in 4 Parts: IV - Maciej Fortuna Trio
11. For Alice - Maciej Fortuna

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