Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Maciej Kądziela - The Opening (2013) ***1/2

Maciej Kądziela

Maciej Kądziela - alto sax
Marek Kądziela - guitar
Richard Anderson - bass
Anders Mogensen - drums
Andreas Bottiger - tenor sax (3)

The Opening (2013)

By Maciej Nowotny

I have already written several times about so-called "Danish Wave" in Polish jazz. It consists of young musicians educated in Music Academy in Odense in Denmark. Names like Tomasz Dąbrowski, Tomasz Licak, Artur Tuźnik or lately Sebatian Zawadzki and Maciej Czajkowski should be mentioned in this context. Among them one of most promising is guitarist Marek Kądziela whose recently released album "Meet Meat" was so good to be our ALBUM OF THE MONTH in June 2013. 

On this record Marek Kądziela is introducing his brother saxophonist Maciej Kądziela. On this noble errand he is accompanied by Scandinavian rhythm section which cannot be praised too highly! Especially drummer Anders Mogensen deserves accolade, as much for his contribution to the music as for tutoring all these young and talented guys. As a Head of Jazz Department at Odense Music Academy he taught them not only how to play well but also how to find themselves a place on highly competitive jazz scene in Poland. The band is completed with double bassist Richard Anderson and, on track 3, by tenor saxophonist Andreas Bottiger.

As far as music is concerned it does not sound at all like debut album! Meticulously played, with all originals composed by the leader, it is well thought-out, coherent and varied piece of music. Although it presents Maciej Kądziela as versatile saxophonist able to play basically everything, it never becomes one-man-show but retains a quality mark of all best jazz recordings that is being work of the collective. On this background shines by not less bright light the fantastic talent of Marek Kądziela. Although on his latest recordings he has already moved beyond what can be called "traditional jazz", on this CD he adapted to more conventional mood of this album (justified taking into account this is a debut). Nonetheless it is difficult not to be under impression of his unique style placing him already among most promising jazz guitarists in this country along with Raphael Rogiński, Rafał Sarnecki or Kamil Pater.

Few tracks from this album:

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