Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mełech/Lichota - Lost Level (2013)


Piotr Mełech - clarinet, bass clarinet, prepared clarinets
Patryk Lichota - live electronics

Lost Level (2013)

By Maciej Nowotny

Piotr Mełech is a clarinetist, based in Poznań, which over last few years made a couple of interesting recordings making him one of most significant personages on Polish avantgarde and experimental music scene. My most favourite album of him is a duo with excellent Chicago cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm titled "Coarse Day" (2011). I know few albums as much in Polish music as worldwide who so successfully merge the innovation in music and sheer beauty of sound. Equally interesting was also earlier "Pink Ivory" (2009) by Enterout Trio  closely followed by such releases as "Love Communication" (2011) by another band called Tfaruk and recent "Divided By 4" (2012) by a quartert with above mentioned Fred Lonberg-Holm but also pianist Witold Oleszak and drummer/percussionist Adam Gołębiewski.

His newest album "Lost Level" (2013) is a logical continuation of a his previous recordings which means its aestetique is build upon what may be broadly designated as avantgarde and experimental music with strong improvisation component. The new element is key role which on this album is played by electronics operated by Patryk Lichota who is known primarily as a composer of illustrative music for theater and radio shows.

The music itself is totally devoid of rhythm and melody being pure sonoristic experiment. Though interesting in concept I found it not convincing in actual rehearsal. In this kind of music the freshness and ability to surprise the listener are all its value is about. Unfortunately this is the weakest side of this album. Electronically generated waves of sound are flat, monotonous, repetitive and Mełech's clarinet is unable to save the day. Nowhere close to outstanding "Coarse Day" or actually any other disc by Mełech it remains an offer only for die-hard lovers of experimental music and his unquestionalble talent.

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