Wednesday, April 23, 2014

JazzArt Festival 2014

At the turn of April and May, the JazzArt Festival will be held for the third time in Katowice (Poland). The date is no coincidence - on 30 April the whole world celebrates the International Jazz Day announced by UNESCO. Great music personalities from all over the world, from New York to Tunisia, will perform in Katowice. The motto of this year's edition is a quote by Quincy Jones, American musician and producer, "Hell, nobody knows where jazz is going to go" - very up-to-date statement, as the jazz scene is becoming remarkably diverse.

Among the artists performing at this year's festival are: Tigran Hamasyan, pianist of Armenian descent; Anouar Brahem, master of oud; and Vinicius Cantuaria, Brazilian ambassador of bossa nova. Ellery Eskelin & David Liebman Quartet, Uri Caine & Dave Douglas as a duo and Ben Goldberg Trio will play the jazz straight from the Big Apple. Get the Blessing, a band from Bristol, will present jazz improvisations with lots of electronics. The Polish jazz will be represented by Trzaska/Rychlicki/Szpura and Dominika Wania Trio. Artist such as Kronos Quartet, California string ensemble, together with Finnish musicians: accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen and drummer Samuli Kosminen in the "Uniko" project will add splendour to the final concert.  

26 April (Saturday)
6:00 pm Kinoteatr Rialto
Tigran - Shadow Theater

Tigran Hamasyan – piano/vocals
Sam Minaie – bass
Arthur Hnatek – percussion
tickets: 30 zł

8:30 pm Kinoteatr Rialto
Anouar Brahem Quartet - The Astounding Eyes of Rita

Anouar Brahem – oud
Klaus Gesing – bass clarinet
Björn Meyer – bass
Khaled Yassine – darbouka, bendir
tickets: 30 zł

10:00 pm Jazzclub Hipnoza
Get the Blessing
tickets: 30 zł

27 April (Sunday)
8:30 pm Kinoteatr Rialto
Vinicius Cantuaria Quartet

Vinicius Cantuaria – vocals/guitar
Paul Socolow – bass
Adriano Santos – percussion
Helio Alves – piano
tickets: 30 zł

29 April (Tuesday)
7:00 pm Kinoteatr Rialto
Dominik Wania Trio – Ravel

Dominik Wania – piano
Maksymilian Mucha – bass
Dawid Fortuna – percussion
tickets: 20 zł

9:00 pm – Scena GuGalander
Total Saints
tickets: 15zł

30 April (Wndesday)
8:00 pm Jazzclub Hipnoza
Trzaska/Rychlicki/Szpura – Strong Angel

Mikołaj Trzaska – saxophone/clarinet
Łukasz Rychlicki – guitar
Paweł Szpura – percussion

9:00 pm Jazzclub Hipnoza
David Liebman & Ellery Eskelin Quartet – Different But The Same

David Liebman – saxophone
Ellery Eskelin – saxophone
Jim Black – drums, percussion
Tony Marino – bass
tickets: 40 zł

1 May (Thursday)
7:00 pm Kinoteatr Rialto
Uri Caine/Dave Douglas – Duos

Uri Caine – piano
Dave Douglas – trumpet
tickets: 30 zł

2  May (Friday)
7:00 pm Centrum Kultury Katowice
Kronos Quartet/Kimmo Pohjonen/Samuli Kosminen – Uniko

David Harrington – violin
John Sherba – violin
Hank Dutt – viola
Sunny Yang – 'cello
Kimmo Pohjonen – accordion/vocals
Samuli Kosminen – percussion/sampling
tickets: 90zł, 70zł

9:00 pm Jazzclub Hipnoza
Ben Goldberg Trio

Ben Goldberg – clarinet
Greg Cohen – bass
Kenny Wollesen – drums
tickets: 30zł

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