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Michal Urbaniak Group - Inactin (1973)

Michal Urbaniak Group

Michal Urbaniak - electric violin, violectra, soprano sax
Urszula Dudziak - vocal, Dynacord, Echocord, percussion
Adam Makowicz - Fender piano, Hohner clarinet
Roman Dylag - Barcus Berry bass and electric bass
Czeslaw Bartkowski - drums, Paiste cymbals
Branislav Kovacev - conga-drums

Inactin (2014)

If one were looking for a single most important contribution of Polish jazz musicians into world jazz heritage that would perhaps be the rediscovery of a violin in jazz. Works by Zbigniew Seifert paved the way for other Polish jazz violinists to be eventually recognized worldwide. Among them Michał Urbaniak plays the pivotal role as one of the most famous due to his collaboration with Miles Davis in 80ties on "Tutu" and "Music from Siesta" albums.

Urbaniak's career prior to collaboration with Miles remains as one of the most interesting adventures in Polish jazz history. He was among those who very early realized that jazz is taking great twist toward fusion incorporating in its idiom influences from rock, funk, rhythm'n'blues and folk music from all over the world. Michał plunged into this stream where he found his own place and uniqueness of his language eventually drew the attention of Davis. While rehearsing this album recorded in 1973 one can only admire the quality of this music which did not grow old even a bit.

But this album is memorable not only due to Urbaniak's violin but also due to breathtaking performance by his then wife Urszula Dudziak. Undisputable Polish jazz singer number one at that era she was as powerful and original voice as Urbaniak's. On this album her voice plays role of the one more instrument, there are no songs, no words are spoken, but Dudziak's vocalizes are just beyond the praise. As much as are performances of other musicians taking part in this session, all cream the creme of Polish jazz: pianist Adam Makowicz, double-bassist Roman Dylag, drummer Czeslaw Bartkowski and Serbian congas player Branislav Kovacev. What more can I say save that this is the Polish jazz at its best and simply the kind of album that is nothing less than a pure must!

Tracks Listing
1. Inactin (6:58)
2. Alu (3:58)
3. Ekim (5:49)
4. Silence (3:31)
5. Fall (7:42)
6. Groovy Desert (5:01)
7. Lato (8:06)

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