Monday, April 24, 2017

Algorhythm – Mandala (2017)


Emil Miszk - trumpet, glass
Piotr Chęcki - tenor saxophone
Szymon Burnos - piano, cowbell, glass
Krzysztof Słomkowski - double bass
Sławomir Koryzno - drums, tank drum, glass



By Adam Baruch

This is the second album by Polish Jazz quintet Algorhythm, which comprises of trumpeter Emil Miszk, saxophonist Piotr Chęcki, pianist Szymon Burnos, bassist Krzysztof Słomkowski and drummer Sławomir Koryzno. The album presents eleven original compositions, three each by Miszk and Burnos, two co-credited to them both and three short (not-credited) pieces.

The music on this album is a significant step forward in comparison to what the quintet offered on their already quite excellent debut. It is much more complex, diverse and ambitious and includes many twists and turns, polyrhythmic layers, odd meters and multifaceted dynamics within each composition. Some World Music influences are also present. Therefore, again in comparison to their straight ahead debut album, this one is a whole new game.

The performances are also more energetic and focused, with the entire crew taking part in the proceedings, contribution and supporting each other vigorously. The teamwork on these difficult pieces it truly wonderful. The overall sound of the quintet is very contemporary and sparkling with talent and oomph, placing Algorhythm on the list of Polish Jazz ensembles, which deserve to be closely watched and which are definitely very promising in their quest to better themselves.

This is European Jazz at its best, bursting with talent, ideas and courage to explore rather than imitate, which of curse is what great music is all about. It makes me very happy to see the quintet to make such a giant step forward and I hope to catch them on stage soon. In the meantime hats off!

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