Friday, July 14, 2017

Kuba Cichocki's A.L.E. – Audubon Lab Experiment (2016)

Kuba Cichocki's A.L.E.

Kuba Cichocki - rhodes, keyboards, vocals
Dylan Kaminkow - bass, vocals
Allen Branch - drums, vocals
Francis Benitez - percussion, vocals
Bogna Kicińska - vocals

Audubon Lab Experiment


By Adam Baruch

This is the debut album by Polish (resident in NY) Jazz keyboardist/composer Kuba Cichocki, recorded with his ensemble called Audubon Lab Experiment, which also includes bassist Dylan Kaminkow, drummer Allen Branch and percussionist Francis Benitez. Vocalist Bogna Kicińska (another Polish NY resident) guests on one track. The album presents five original compositions, all by Cichocki.

The music is a typical Jazz-Rock Fusion, which was popular in the early 1970s and closely follows the pattern of Chick Corea's early albums with Return To Forever or Herbie Hancock's albums of that period. The music is very melodic and offers a Funk groove, which makes it a very pleasant listening experience, although at the same time invoking a strong déjà vu feeling.

The fact that there is only one instrument capable of soloing makes the overall experience a bit trying, but on the other hand the sound of the Rhodes is irresistible and people who have profound nostalgia to that kind of music will definitely enjoy it. The rhythm section does a great job; the bass keeps the Funky feeling up quite brilliantly, and performs a few nice solo parts, and the two percussionists add a polyrhythmic background, which also keeps the music bubbling.

Overall this is a superb Funky/Fusion album, which is a great fun to listen to and perhaps even to dance to. Nothing innovative, au contraire, a strong nostalgic trip to the time when music was based on the "no bullshit" approach. Funky/Fusion fans will have a field day with this, as nobody makes music like this today. Unadulterated Fun(k)!

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