Saturday, January 25, 2020

Vibraslap – Different Wor(l)ds (2019)


Milosz Rutkowski - vibraphone
Tomasz Grabowy - bass
Tomasz Wendt - saxophone
Robert Jarmuzek - piano
Lukasz Sobolak - drums
Marcin Wawrzynowicz - vocals

Different Wor(l)ds


This is the second album by Polish Jazz ensemble Vibraslap, co-led by vibraphonist / composer Milosz Rutkowski and bassist Tomasz Grabowy. The current sextet version of the ensemble also includes saxophonist Tomasz Wendt, pianist Robert Jarmuzek, drummer Lukasz Sobolak and vocalist Marcin Wawrzyniec. The album presents eight original compositions, all by the ensemble members. The music was recorded at the excellent Monochrom Studio and engineered by Ignacy Gruszecki, with the usual superb sound quality.

The music is definitely on the easy side of the Jazz spectrum, based on simple melodies and catchy riffs, but altogether offering a pleasant and entertaining listening experience. The group members are excellent and experienced musicians and their performances are all beyond reproach, appropriate within this specific genre. The vocals are the weakest chain on the album, but again excusable in that context. Jarmuzek and Wendt offer the most ambitious soloing spots, Rutkowski has a nice touch and the rhythm section keeps the music swinging, and all is well.

As I have already stated many times before, Jazz is a wide phenomenon that is flexible enough to embrace more approachable and entertaining facets, including music like what this album offers, which has its following and should not be a priori rejected by condescending snobbery. To each his own…

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