Sunday, June 14, 2020

Krzysia Górniak - Memories (2020)

Krzysia Górniak

Krzysia Górniak - guitars
Michał Wróblewski - piano, synth
Piotr  Wrombel - piano, synth
Michał Jaros - double bass
Marcin Jahr - drums



By Adam Baruch

This is the eighth (sixth as a leader) album by Polish Jazz guitarist/composer Krzysia Górniak, recorded in a classic quartet setting with keyboardists Michał Wróblewski or Piotr Wrombel, bassist Michał Jaros and drummer Marcin Jahr. The album presents seven original compositions, all by Gorniak.

The music is all based on wonderfully melodic themes and kept elegantly within the mainstream Jazz idiom, but the use of synthesizers and contemporary arrangements effectively eschew unnecessary nostalgic tendencies, presenting an up to date sound and ambiance, which are delightfully embracing. Although obviously on the lighter side of the Jazz spectrum, this music is splendidly put together and aesthetically solid.

Górniak manages to keep her guitar playing strictly within the Jazz boundaries, successfully avoiding slipping towards Fusion, which would have ruined the effort. She skillfully combines playing notes and chords with the right balance between them, always with restrain and stylish distance, which results in a highly effective overall outcome. The beautiful guitar sound she manages to achieve also contributes to the result.

The participating musicians are all skillful and highly professional musicians, which of course is immediately apparent. They support her amicably and add splendid solo parts of their own on the way. Considering the delicate and often quite intimate nature of this music, the mutual respect and interplay between the quartet members is a crucial element contributing to the successful result. Both keyboardist offer acoustic piano and synthesizer parts perfectly suited to the melodic continuity, Jaros glues everything together with his virtuosic bass parts and Jahr supplies elegant but firm rhythmic backbone.

Overall this is a highly pleasurable, beautifully melodic, serene and relaxed guitar album, which can be enjoyed by a wide range of listeners, not only strict Jazz enthusiasts but also connoisseurs of guitar from other genres. This is a wonderful example of less is more, where the Artist uses only what is absolutely necessary to achieve the optimal result and eschews superfluous gimmickry. A wonderful album from start to finish, Milady!

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