Monday, March 1, 2010

Krzysztof Popek - Estate (2009)

Since first rehearsal I started to love this record! First because we have hard winter this year, plenty of snow, minus 30 Celsius degree cold, but this music has warm and delicate climate of summer in itself, the mood we all long for very much here.  Estate (summer in italian), comes second in the album, is song composed in 1960 by Bruno Martino and Bruno Brighetti which became popularized as jazz standard by Joao Gilberto. Recently I heard it in great interpretation of Micheal Petrucciani (Live In Acireale) and Chris Botti (Italia). It truly deserves to be highlited as album's title as it beams with energy and musician's interplay is remarkable.
The choice of compositions is very strong point of this album. Please look at the repertoire:
1. Forest Flower (K. Jarrett), 
2. Estate (B. Martino - B. Brighetti)
3. Highway  One (B. Hutcherson)
4. Stolen Moments (O. Nelson)
5. Air Dancing (B. Wiliams)
6. Melting Pot (F. Hubbard)
7. Lazy Afternoon (J. Latouche - J. Moross)
So we are deeply in jazz tradition and mainstream here but we do not regret it as it is all perfermed on highest level owing to the group of excellent musicians that took part in this recording. Krzysztof Popek is arguably the best polish jazz flutist who in 1987 created Young Power, a band that in 80ties was the vehicle by which a new generation of polish talented jazz musicians became known to the audience. That was also a band where Popek met Piotr Wojtasik who sice then became leading polish trumpeter and influential teacher at jazz faculty in Katowice Music Academy.
Foreign musicians appearing on this album are no less prominent. I do not know Stephen Scott (piano) very well but I read that he played with Sonny Rollins, Roy Hargrove and Bobby Hutcherson. On the other hand I am quite well acquainted with bassist Cameron Brown who was very solid sideman present on more than 80 recordings with many jazz best names. His play is top class. The same may be said about drummer Victor Lewis who has very consistent career behing himself. This record stands out as one of most fruitious collaborations of polish and foreign muscians in recent times in mainstream jazz in Poland.
Title tune below:

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