Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wojtczak, Mazolewski, Gos - Freeyo (2009)

This is one of the best efforts in the field of free and improvised music in Poland last year. And to no surprise as musicians creating this band are still young but not in the least beginners. Wojtek Mazolewski (b) is  leader of famous Pink Freud (check such records as "Alchemia" (2007) or "Monster Of Jazz" (2011),   Irek Wojtczak (s) played in Tymański Yass Ensamble while Michał Gos (dr) in Maszyna Do Mięsa (Meat Machine). They either collaborated with artist such as John Zorn, Time Berne, Dave Douglas or were influenced by the likes of Ornette Coleman, Anthony Braxton, Jimmy Hendrix which is defining quite well what kind of music they intend to pursue.

All this is delivered in impeccable form, not a rhythm, pulse or sound is too obvious or predictable. The soul of this music is to engage the listeners in creative process, to surprise them and allow them to transcendent the boundaries of jazz, music and perhaps life itself. Surely this music is rather difficult and by definition directed to small audience but it also proves that there is enough listeners in Poland to appreciate such a direction in jazz and first of all that we do not lack talented musicians, young and creative, who want to devote their talent to this challenging but noble form of jazz. My strong recommendation to all lovers of what is free and improvised in jazz!

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