Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jurek Jagoda Trio -Songs Without Words (2010)

I was very skeptical about this album but only up to the point when I put CD in my Marantz CD player and started to listen to the music itself. Certainly it is not avant-garde or ground-breaking but it is nonetheless unpretentious, communicative and charming. The trio consists of the pianist Jurek Jagoda, Marek Ałaszewski on bass and Paweł Gębicki on drums. I found that it is their second album but I treat it as debut because up to this point nobody I know heard anything about them. This record was attached to March copy of JazzForum magazine so they immadietely got recognized by jazz audience in Poland.

Exactly as title of the album suggests this music is constructed around tunes. It reminds me somehow debut disc of Manu Katche Neighbourgood where melodies also played main role. I must admit that Jurek Jagoda compositional talent is exceptional and all his melodies are colourful and captivating. It is interesting where his road now shall lead him. I would expect from him and his collaborators to focus more on interplay between musicians, on rhythm and improvisation. All in all we welcome with this disc new interesting pianist on Polish jazz scene whose developments I will observe with interest. 

By Maciej Nowotny

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