Monday, May 31, 2010

Daniel Popiałkiewicz Trio - The Hope For Tomorrow (2010)

OK, I believe if Daniel Popiałkiewicz reads this note, he will understand that I would rather not buy his record were it not be for rhythm section that accompanies him here in persons of Maciej Garbowski on double-bass and Krzysztof Gradziuk on drums (2/3 of excellent RGG Trio). I simply never heard of him but as far as those two guys are concerned I believe they form one of the best sections in Poland along with Sławomir Kurkiewicz and Michał Miskiewicz or Oleś Brothers. This is simply the creme of creme of young Polish jazz and Popialkiewicz is fortunate, no, very fortunate to have them by his side in this recording because everything starts to fly and levitate once these two sorcerers start to conjure spells on their respective instruments.
But one should also be just to Popiałkiewicz who, although this is his debut recording, proves that his talent matches the talents of his more recognized collaborators. And to no wonder for those who follow his career more carefully since they all graduated from the same Jazz Faculty at Katowice Music Academy, which is something like Polish equivalent of famous Berklee College of Music in USA, a signature of excellent education for best young players in this country. Additionally he won several jazz contests in Poland. His technique is impeccable, his compositional talent exceptional (he composed all songs on this CD except All The Things You Are), his inclination is towards jazz, rock and improvisation. But the most important thing is that his approach towards jazz is fresh and creative. His dialogues with Gradziuk and Garbowski absorb and engulf the listener like quicksands leaving him with impressions that this record shall be rehearsed many times over in order to understand it thoroughly and be able to enjoy its pleasures to maximum degree. Certainly we shall hear about this young virtuoso in future - I agree with foreword of Jarek Śmietana to this album (arguably the most famous jazz guitarist in Poland) who was so kind to give his word of recommendation to this new and interesting personality in Polish jazz.
Here you can find a sample of music from this album:

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