Thursday, May 27, 2010

Leszek Kułakowski Ensemble Piccolo - Code Numbers (2010)

The streak of excellent albums continues with the new recording from Leszek Kułakowski and his Ensemble piccolo consisting of Krzysztof Gradziuk (part of well-known RGG trio) on drums and Piotr Kułakowski (his son) on double bass. Leszek Kułakowski is teacher in Music Academy at Słupsk and Gdańsk. His inclination is clearly towards jazz but at the same time he prefers free and open structures which give a lot of room for improvisation. His music is very emotional, individual and reflects not only his (and his partners) unique personality but also a place where he lives which is Pomerania, windy and beautiful country situated on the banks of Baltic Sea.

As far as album title is concerned Code Numbers  refer to Kułakowski observation that more and more our identity is fixed on different codes which we use living in cyber space surrounded by all kinds of electronic equipment. Since music is also manifesting itself in mathematical quotation Kułakowski states that it can resonate to these numerological aspect of our life. Let us remind that it is not such a new idea since Platon and Pythagoreans thousand years ago also looked in numbers and mathematics in search for the ultimate truth and even God. This is something similar in Kułakowski music both intellectual but also incredibly beautiful exactly as music of spheres might sound. 

In my opinion it is one the most interesting and original CD of this year balancing in harmony both free and mainstream sides of modern jazz. Highly recommendable! If you like to listen to the music from this album please visit the artist's web page where you can easily find its samples:     


  1. great cd ! I love it !

  2. It's kind of funny - just after publishing my last post (and at the same time "RadioJAZZ.FM recommends" column) I've checked your blog, and... guess what - guess who?! :-)

    Great record indeed!

  3. Great CD, I listen it on


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