Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dwootho - Space Pressures (2010)

This is debut recording let me therefore start with names of musicians as it is proper to introduce them first: Marek Tarnowski (accordion, hammond organ), Tomasz Piątek (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Bartosz Łuczkiewicz (bass), Maciej Dziedzic (drums, percussion) plus Natalia Gllińska (vocal) as a guest. Certainly very interesting still this record is not easy to classify or judge as it melts in one pot flavors rarely heard together. I would rather avoid to name musical genres which echo in this recording (folk, rock, club music and many other) because I feel that the only label describing properly this music is one of jazz which was once defined as simply "sound of surprise". 
Neither mainstream nor avantgarde this music is eluding all classifications and shall not be overlooked by anyone who values creativity, courage and individuality as expressed in melodies and rhythms.
After saying so many nice things about this recording and its authors let me add a small knock. Though I like music on this album I still feel that sometimes artists slump into what is too obvious, easy and predictable. Bass line become at times too mechanical, sax play too sexy, drums somewhat run of mill and only Marek Tarnowski on his accordion never ceases to surprise and amaze. It is done perhaps in order to provide music more accessible for larger audience. Not a bad idea for debut recording but as far as I am concerned I would expect something more free and improvisational next time to make my interest in this band and its music permanent.   
Please listen to a song titled Balkan Groove:

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