Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pulsarus - FAQ (2009)

Trio Pulsarus consists of Dominik "Doministry" Strycharski (flutes), Aleksander Papierz (saxophones) and Jakub Rutkowski (drums) which are on this recording accompanied by following guests: Wojciech Waglewski (guitars), Adam Pierończyk (saxophones), Mikołaj Trzaska (alto saxophone) and Jan Peszek (voice). Certainly one of the most interesting records in Polish Jazz last year proved to have prolonged influence one me so I decided to go back to it and write few words about it encouraging others to get to know it. 

Pulsarus as a band was created in 2003 and they debuted in 2005 by Digital Freejazz, next year followed by CD titled Squared Rotoscope and after 3 years FAQ arrived, "the best one we've made so far" as the leader of the band claims. Musically we have here electro-acoustic jazz which I like very much and associate wit such excellent jazzmen as Evan Parker and Rob Mazurek, or, if we want to dig deeper Steve Reich and Karlheinz Stockhausen. It is therefore very praiseworthy that in these Polish Jazz territory we have this electro-acoustic field as well and cultivated by such talented musicians!

What marks this CD out is its artistic unity to which contributes the fact that almost all music on this album was composed by Strycharski. But this effect is evident also in such details as the cover of this CD which reminds me in mood the old sci-fi horrors as Ridley Scott's Alien. Let us therefore note that for production of the album Piotr Pawlak was responsible on behalf of Biodro Records.

The most controversial point in this astonishing music production is the part in which Polish famous actor Jan Peszek takes part. It takes form of some theatrical monologue, accompanied by music but it sounds really whacky and rather unconvincing to me. On the other hand there is a project that the music on this album will be accompanied by a film then this presence of the Peszek voice on this recording might be more justified. 

All in all this is certainly recording worth your your while let me therefore encourage you strongly to visit following site and listen to the samples of music from this session: 

AUthor: Maciej Nowotny (

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