Sunday, December 2, 2012

Loskot - Koncert w Mozgu (1994)

Łoskot (band)

Mikołaj Trzaska - alto & soprano saxophones
Szymon Rogiński - didgerido
Olgierd Walicki - double bass
Jacek Majewski - percussion
Jacek Olter - drums

Koncert w Mózgu (1994)

The revival of jazz avantgarde in Poland in 90ties, which is known as yass movement, remains one of most significant events in whole history of this music in Poland. One of the bands without which it is impossible to imagine this phenomenon is Łoskot (transl. "rumble, din, crack"). Since the beginning marked by this album released in 1994 up to its splendid end in 2005 (check review of "Sun") this band showed the best features of yass: creativity, courage, all-or-nothing attitude. Musically this album is the closest to the tradition of American free jazz of 60ties. Subsequent albums marked further experiments in many different directions: electronic and classical music, rock and others. 

But the story did not end when this collective disbanded. Jacek Olter comitted suicide. Jacek Majewski died of cancer. Yet their art is still extant. Mikołaj Trzaska and Olo Walicki are very active these days. Trzaska released this year 5 albums, some of them like "Zikaron, Lefanay" by his Ircha Clarinet Quartet will be counted among the best of 2012. The same applies to Walicki though in his case it is obvious he wants to step out of jazz niche. "The Saintbox" recorded with Gaba Kulka is good example of that. What is going on with Szymon Rogiński I simply don't know...

1. Your Lady
2. Radość uzdrowienia
3. Sfinx
4. Chłapaki na damkach
5. Peace On Earth

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