Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Premiere of new album by Michal Zygmunt!!!

Michał Zygmunt

Artur Dominik- drums
Ranjit Prasad- bass
Michał Zygmunt- guitar

Radek Bond bednarz- bas& 2 strings slide bas
Artur Dominik- drums
Tomek Kasiukiewicz- trombone
Janek Michalec- trumpet Michał Zygmunt- guitar

Jarek Treliński- guitar
Michał Zygmunt- guitar

Big Fish In Deep Water (2012)

(Editor) Last year guitarist Michał Zygmunt released album "Muzyki" (2011) which was kind of blend of of jazz and Polish folk music. Its creativity and accessibility was appreciated as much by critics as by audience. On his newest album "Big Fish In Deep Water" (2012) he continues on his musical journey but this times departs fromPolish lowlands and explores different landscapes throughout the whole world.

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