Thursday, January 17, 2013

World loves Komeda!

This is terrific story indeed! Daniel Volovets, a 20-year-old classical, flamenco, Brazilian, and jazz guitarist, who recorded 3 albums already, got enamored in Krzysztof Komeda music. He is now working on 2 more albums, one of which will be a tribute to legendary Polish composer and pianist. That's what he says about this project: "It will feature original arrangements of his compositions for solo guitar and duet with guitar + tenor/soprano saxophones, guitar + violin, guitar + flute, etc." It may sound similar to this home-made rendition of "Ballad for Bernt" which he made when 18 years old with his brother playing on soprano saxophone (then 14!).

If you to help his dreams come true, please show your generosity and help finance his project by donating a small sum through this Kickstarter page:

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