Sunday, January 20, 2013

Maciej Jeleniewski & Deer Project - Stop The Time (2013)

Maciej Jeleniewski - producer
Piotr Remiszewski - producer

Jarosław Śmietana - guitar
Karen Edwards - vocal
Jerzy Mazzoll - clarinet
Wojtek Karolak - keyboard
Mirosław Kaczmarczyk - guitar
Piotr Iwicki - drums
Tomek Lipnicki - raeding text

Stop The Time (2013)

By Maciej Nowotny

Maciej Jeleniewski and Piotr Remiszewski teamed-up and as Deer Project produced this album which features many respected jazz musicians. Jeleniewski is known as a bass guitarist playing in rhythm section of pop band Oczi Cziorne (together with avantgarde drummer Michał Gos). Piotr Remiszewski has similar background and has been playing as a drummer and also arranging and producing in number of pop projects. 

The overall style of this release verges between pop, smooth jazz and mainstream jazz (OK, this  last reference is a bit of exaggeration I admit). For hardcore jazz lovers who look always forward to see future of this music it will probably sound too sweet and predictable. But one must be aware that jazz audience consists of various people of different needs. For a significant part of it jazz is less spiritual matter but just one of stylistics they found useful for certain occasions or moods in their life. I believe that's why this music when played in fancy bar or during evening meeting with friends may fit perfectly to enhance the beauty of the moment. Perhaps not as a source of any distinctive aural experience in itself it yet may serve well a classy background to other activities.

Although as I said it tastes best when served in background it may still offer some surprisingly nice moments when we catch some of outstanding solos of excellent jazz musicians Jeleniewski and Remiszewski invited to this project. Jarosław Śmietana guitar passages in "Thoughts Moving", Jurek Mazzoll hauntingly beautiful bass clarinet solo in "Fountime" are enough to redeem this music but that's not the end since additionally we will find on this album also a legendary keyboardist Wojtek Karolak, excellent vocalist Karen Edwards or Mirosław Kaczmarczyk and Piotr Iwicki from Loud Jazz Band. These are big or in same cases even great names in Polish jazz but please do not expect anything revolutionary from this music. It was all heard hundreds of times before, and no new ways are explored here. Still if you like such an easy and uncomplicated side of jazz it may be pleasant experience, especially since it is very well recorded.

Tracklist :
1. Myśli Przeprowadzka
2. Przegrana Wieczór
3. Fountime
4. Widok z okna
5. San Francisco Come Back
6. Nikt nie ma to jak profesor
7. W czasie między
8. Niech was Bóg błogosławi Wariata
9. Violet Brainwashed
10. Empty Chair
11. Sophie Sticated

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