Sunday, July 27, 2014

XI Festiwal Kultury Żydowskiej Warszawa Singera

The 11th Singer Festival of Jewish Culture will take place on 23rd - 31st August 2014. Plac Grzybowski and ulica Próżna have for years been home to the pre-war feel of the Polish capital and the sonorous strains of klezmer music and cantor singing, with a heady variety of film séances, workshops, literary meetings, artist's installations and tastings of the more exquisite specialties of kosher cooking. The festival tempts the invited talents to seek new paths inspired by the rich tradition of Jewish culture. The author and director of the event is Gołda Tencer, President of the Shalom Foundation, actor and director at the Jewish Theatre.

Like every year, the Festival will be taking place in and around Plac Grzybowski and ulica Próżna, and also in the Warsaw districts of Praga and Muranów. It is impossible to recommend one single event as, apart from the musical and theatrical attractions, over 200 exhibitions, lectures, children's and adults' workshops, literary meetings and film viewings are planned. However, the Warsaw Singer Festival is above all about music, which appears in various kinds and forms, and without doubt will satisfy the most demanding tastes. Synagogue singing, classical, Hassidic, klezmer and modern Jewish music will all feature, presenting the immediate experiences of musicians creating jazz, improvised and even avant garde as they enter into an unusual dialogue with the traditional.

The Warsaw Singer Festival is one of the most prominent Jewish cultural events in Europe attended by the most brilliant musicians and artists from all over the world.This year's event will feature the launch of the SINGER JEWISH JAZZ FESTIVAL hosting the stars of the Israeli jazz scene Daniel Zamir and Harold Rubin. The event will also include the excellent pianist Kuba Stankiewicz, who will remind us of the work of the brilliant composer Victor Young. Also the fine trumpeter, jazzman and singer Frank London in duet with one of the greatest singers on the world stage, Yakkov Lemmer, will present their innovative project combining klezmer and traditional cantor song. Special attention should be paid to the concert at the Nożyków Synagogue at Twarda street, which will be remembered for its unique and moving character. This year the Shalom Foundation has invited world-class singers of the young generation including Elazar Vinograd, Avreymi Kirshnboum and Moshe Fishel accompanied by the Jerusalem Cantors Choir from Israel.

The Festival has also hosted many fine Polish artists inspired by Jewish music and at this year's event the band Wsi Warszawa band will present a special repertoire at the All Saints Church on Plac Grzybowski, while the brilliant vocalist Anna Szałapak will sing a concert entitle "Let us Play Lord" („Grajmy Panu”) inspired by "The Magician of Lublin" the novel by I. B. Singer. The very popular open air concerts at Plac Grzybowski include "Klezmer Nights" featuring Alan Bern with the unusually emotional and accomplished music of Paul Brody, Mark Kovnatskiy, Martin Lillich, Sveta Kundish, Fabian Schnedler and Lorin Sklamberg. These musicians will also perform a day earlier at the Jewish Theatre presenting their newest project „Semer Label Reloaded”. The Trio Yas will also perform with Christian Dawid, Sanne Möricke and Guy Schalom at „Klezmer Night", though the unquestioned star, the world-famous cantor David D’or (10 platinum disks), known as the great voice of Israel thanks to his four-octave scale, will appear at the Plac Grzybowski finale concert with a repertoire fluently combining classical and ethnic music. 

The very interesting theatrical programme includes Mai Morgenstern's monogram „Lola Blau”, which recreates the role of Mary from Mel Gibson's "Passion" and the Polish premier of Stanisław Lem's "Planet of the Robots" directed by Shmuel Shohat, one of the most brilliant Israeli talents today. Also, the children's audience will enjoy "The Story of the Carp, the Goat and the Trumpet that put out Fires" based on the work of I. B. Singera as performed by the actors of the Jewish Theatre. On Friday evening, the organisors will invite you to greet the Sabbath together at ul. Próżna. During the course of Szabat Szalom, we will be attempting to break the Guinness Book of Records record for the amount of people sitting together at the same table.

No doubt a great attraction of the "Masters Read Singer" cycle will be the interpretation of the great Polish actors Anna Polony, Olgierd Łukaszewicz and Włodzimierz Press. Every year, the Singer Festival attracts over 35 thousand spectators of various ages and backgrounds. Apart from the magnificent feeling of community and fun in the open air, we guarantee the opportunity to go back in time and savor Yiddish
culture in the footsteps of Singer - what a wonderful way of closing the summer !!!

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