Friday, August 22, 2014

Polish-Jazz blog provides media patronage for new album by Mikolaj Trzaska !!!


Harold Rubin - clarinet
Mikolaj Trzaska - clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone
Nadav Masel - bass

Ten Chamber Kingdoms (2014)

By Adam Baruch

I consider myself blessed by the fact that during the past thirty years the legendary Israeli clarinetists/composer Harold Rubin chose me as the producer of his recordings and released them on my Jazzis record label. He is, after all, one of the most original and extraordinary Jazz/Improvised Music icons, not only in Israel but on a world scale. Rubin is one of those rare individuals, who never keep still in one place beyond a brief moment. He managed to continuously develop his music, leaving behind the limitations of the Jazz tradition, in complete disregard of styles, conventions and genres, creating his very own way of expressing his ideas. Following this path was for me and for people who listen to his music a truly spiritual experience. I have often invited other musicians to play with Harold and in retrospect those meetings turned out to be incredibly productive aesthetically, with this case being no exception.

Polish multi-reedist/composer Mikołaj Trzaska is a kindred spirit to Rubin in every respect. A rebel and a man who loves his artistic freedom beyond anything else, who is in a constant state of search for new musical experiences, Trzaska and his music are ideal partners to the Rubin phenomenon. The fact that they did not meet earlier is in fact astounding, and when I realized the symbiosis of their spirits, while listening in Poland to a concert by Trzaska, I decided to bring them together, as if ordered by higher powers. Luckily the meeting turned into reality much sooner than anybody expected and the result is documented herein.

Rubin invited to the studio a young Israeli bassist Nadav Masel, who turned out to be a superb partner to the two giants, as if he played with them since the beginning of times. Perhaps another divine intervention, but the resulting trio of musicians creating music together is simply phenomenal. Enjoy!

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