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Singer Jazz Festival 2014 !!!


Singer Jazz 2014 – Press Release / Program

The 11th edition of the Jewish Culture Festival - Singer's Warsaw 2014 will include, for the first time, a series of Jazz events presented under the "Singer Jazz" moniker, which are dedicated to the contribution by Jewish musicians and composers as well as Jewish Music motifs to the Jazz Art Form. Singer Jazz will last for four days between Monday August 25, 2014 and Friday August 29, 2014 and will present eleven events (see Program of Events).

Since the very early days of Jazz, which is now over 100 years old, Jewish musicians fulfilled a most prominent role in the development of the music as an Art Form. The intrinsic hardships of the Jewish People were in many respects often similar to those of the Afro-Americans, who created Jazz, and therefore it is hardly surprising that Jewish musicians were the largest ethnic / cultural group other than Afro-Americans to play Jazz and dedicate their lives to it.

Singer's Warsaw pays a tribute to these Artists, by presenting a wide variety of Jazz styles and forms, originating from many different countries, where Jewish Jazz is thriving and breaking new ground. Many great Polish Jazz musicians will also participate, playing concerts and informal jam sessions in clubs and smaller venues, presenting the theme of Jewish Jazz, which is experiencing a formidable Renaissance in Poland at the moment.

The Singer Jazz is directed by Adam Baruch, a world famous music critic, organizer, activist and personality, who is active on the music scene since several decades.

Singer Jazz 2014 – Program of Events:

1. Adam Baruch – The Soundtrack of My Life
(Monday 25.8.2014; 18.00; Austrian Culture Forum, Próżna 7/9)

Meeting with music critic and artistic director of Singer Jazz, Adam Baruch, where he talks about the story of his life-long affair with music in general and Jazz in particular. The meeting is hosted by Jazz Forum editor Paweł Brodowski.

2. Harold Rubin / Mikołaj Trzaska
(Monday 25.8.2014; 22.00; Pardon To Tu Club) – Opening Concert

Top Israeli and Polish avant-garde Jazz players, clarinetist Harold Rubin and multi-instrumentalist / composer Mikołaj Trzaska combine forces and present a new album they recorded together.

3. Harold Rubin – "Magnificent Failure"
(Tuesday 26.8.2014; 17.30; Mamele Club)

Screening of a documentary film about legendary Israeli musician Harold Rubin, directed by his daughter Jasmine Kainy, following by a meeting with the artist.

4. Oleś Brothers / Harold Rubin
(Tuesday 26.8.2014; 22.00; Pardon To Tu Club)

Top Polish Jazz duo of twin brothers Marcin Oleś and Bartłomiej "Brat" Oleś presents their new project called "Spirit of Nadir", original music based on Sephardic and other Jewish music themes and then improvises with legendary Israeli clarinetist Harold Rubin.

5. Daniel Zamir Quartet
(Wednesday 27.8.2014; 20.00; Jewish Theatre Big Hall)

Israeli saxophonist / composer Daniel Zamir, who is an orthodox religious Jew, plays modern Jazz firmly based in the Jewish traditional music. He is accompanied by a quartet of top Israeli Jazz players.

6. New Trio with Daniel Zamir & Jam Session with Polish Jazz musicians
(Wednesday 27.8.2014; 21.30; Pardon To Tu Club)

Brilliant Polish Jazz trio comprising of brothers: Jan Smoczyński – Hammond organ and Mateusz Smoczyński – violin and drummer Michał Miśkiewicz meet Israeli saxophonist Daniel Zamir and later on jam with additional Polish Jazz musicians.

7. "Sophie Tucker / Anna Held / Gilda Gray" – a lecture by Andrzej Krakowski
(Thursday 28.8.2014; 17.00, Austrian Culture Forum, Próżna 7/9)

Author and director Andrzej Krakowski tells the fascinating story of three American stage stars, which surprisingly all share a Polish / Jewish origin.

8. Kuba Stankiewicz Plays Victor Young
(Thursday 28.8.2014; 18.00; Nożyk Synagogue)

Distinguished Polish pianist / composer / educator Kuba Stankiewicz and his trio perform compositions by American (of Polish Jewish roots) composer Victor Young.

9. Lena Piękniewska – Lullabies for Eternal Sleep
(Thursday 28.8.2014; 21.00; Jewish Theatre Big Hall)

Polish vocalist Lena Piękniewska, accompanied by top Polish Jazz players presents a multi-media show dedicated to the Polish Jewry annihilated during the Holocaust.

10. Wojciech Jachna Trio / Harold Rubin – Closing Concert
(Thursday 28.8.2014; 22.30; Pardon To Tu Club)

Young Polish trumpeter Wojciech Jachna and his trio present their project of Jazz improvisations based on old Hassidic music and then improvise with legendary Israeli clarinetist Harold Rubin.

11. "The rebirth of the Jewish musical tradition in New Polish Jazz" – a discussion panel of leading Polish Jazz journalist and activists.
(Friday 29.8.2014; 19.30; Austrian Culture Forum, Próżna 7/9)

The meeting, chaired by Adam Baruch, will summarize the Singer Jazz 2014 events and the rebirth of the Jewish musical tradition, which is one of the central motifs of the New Polish Jazz scene in the last decade.

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