Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kuba Pluzek - Eleven Songs (2015)

Kuba Płużek

Kuba Płużek - piano

Eleven Songs

V Records 007

By Maciej Nowotny 

Few weeks ago I walked by one of the main streets of my beloved Warsaw and was encompassed by usual in this city clamour, uproar and noise. Everything around me was rushing forward with people ruthlessly elbowing their way up the pavements. While down there cars were spiralling around traffic jammed crossroads above my head the planes were flying away in flocks to their big world cities destinations. But I was cold as a stone and empty as a hole inside. Tired after very busy week I was counting all the money I earned but could not work out exactly what for? When suddenly I heard something different. It was a female voice and being a die hard fan of Italian opera I immediately recognized immortal aria of Amneris "Morir mi sento" from Verdi's "Aida". My imagination exploded and the miracle happened: all turmoil around me slowly recessed and as if some beacon of light from the skies I was led away by this song back home. I parked the car by my house, entered the hall and as usually checked the mailbox. That day I found in it only one album, I unwrapped it and read the title: "11 Songs".

What a strange coincidence! - that was my first thought. I immediately started to listen to the album and was virtually knocked down by the same din I just barely had escaped. Taken aback by Fazioli grand piano racket I shut down the player and went for a bottle of wine. The evening came and with some hesitation I returned to the music. But this time again I heard them: like sirens tempting the Odysseus songs appeared. Some of them well known like themes from movies (from "Inception" or legendary Polish series "Polskie drogi"), others penned by Michel Petrucciani, Brad Mehldau, Dave Holland, Zbigniew Wegehaupt and Płużek himself. All played with so characteristic for Kuba all-or-nothing attitude which manifests itself not in revolutionary form but rather in emotions laid bare, throbbing as a living creature, soft, wet, unfolding its wings and ready to fly. High. Very high. 

By far the most interesting Polish jazz release so far in this year 2015 and very strong candidate for one of the best albums of the whole year. Congratulations to Kuba and Adam Domagała from V Records.

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