Monday, September 28, 2015

Special Jazz Sextet – Projekt Elbląg (2011)

Special Jazz Sextet

Bartek Krzywda - keyboards
Szymon Zuehelke - saxophone
Artur Olewniczak - trombone
Marcin Gawdzis - trumpet
Janusz Mackiewicz - bass
Grzegorz Sycz - drums

Projekt Elblag


By Adam Baruch

This is the debut album by a Polish Jazz sextet, which changed its lineup and name several times before settling with the name Special Jazz Sextet, before this album was recorded. It is led by keyboardist Bartek Krzywda and includes saxophonist Szymon Zuehlke, trombonist Artur Olewniczak, trumpeter Marcin Gawdzis, bassist Janusz Mackiewicz and drummer Grzegorz Sycz. Saxophonist Przemek Dyakowski guests on five tracks and guitarist Jaroslaw Smietana and violinist Jerry Goodman each guest on one track. The album presents eight original compositions, all by Krzywda.

The music is melodic mainstream Jazz bordering on Jazz-Rock Fusion. The brass section is skillfully used in the arrangements to support the keyboards/rhythm section passages and overall the sextet functions as a solid well synchronized unit, achieving a polished and highly professional effect. There are plenty of excellent solo parts by all the participants and the guests.

The individual contributions by all the participants are truly outstanding and although these are not "famous" Polish Jazz musicians, their level of technical proficiency and skillful delivery are as good as those by musicians from the "premier league", which of course is a testimony of the incredibly high level of Polish Jazz in general. Overall this is a very well played mainstream Jazz album, which should be satisfying to all listeners the world over. It is fun to listen to and presents first-class musicianship and interesting compositions.

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