Friday, December 4, 2015

Kwartet Pałucki – Na Skrzyżowaniu Rzek (2015)

Kwartet Pałucki

Grzegorz Tomaszewski - zither, harmonica
Michał Kulenty - saxophone, flute
Karol Szymanowski - vibraphone
Krzysztof Samela - bass

and guests

Na Skrzyzowaniu Rzek


By Adam Baruch

This is a live recording by the Polish ensemble Kwartet Pałucki, a quartet dedicated to playing music that originates in the Pałuki region, combined with Jazz improvisations. It comprises of zither and harmonica player Grzegorz Tomaszewski, saxophonist/flautist Michał Kulenty, vibraphonist Karol Szymanowski and bassist Krzysztof Samela. They are joined by four guest musicians: vocalist Zbigniew Zaranek, knee fiddle player Maria Pomianowska, accordionist Łukasz Mirek and percussionist Julia Rauhut. Together they perform six traditional tunes/songs arranged in a Jazz-World Fusion fashion.

The music is a well rounded, melodic, straightforward mainstream Jazz combined (gently) with the folkloristic themes. Everything is well performed and there are plenty of nice solos by the participants. The vocal parts are also quite excellent. Generally this is a very pleasant listen and although the song's lyrics are in Polish, the album should be accessible to most Jazz-World Fusion fans.

On the other hand this album is not really very ambitious or innovating, and therefore does not belong to the list of groundbreaking Polish Jazz albums amalgamating Polish Folklore, which have been recorded on the local scene since the 1960s and are still being created today, some of which were released by For Tune Records. Overall this album is worth checking out for people who appreciate the diversity of the Polish Jazz scene.

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