Sunday, July 25, 2010

Artur Dutkiewicz - Hendrix Piano (2010)

It is impossible to imagine jazz without influence on it exerted by Jimmy Hendrix. All so called fusion jazz is heavily indebted in what this guitar giant did in such a short span of his life. This CD however has absolutely nothing in common with fusion and is mainstream jazz interpretation of famous Hendrix tunes. 
Artur Dutkiewicz, leader of the band, born in 1958, is present on Polish jazz scene since 30 years. He played with excellent Tomasz Szukalski Quartet with which he recorded in 1987 album Tina Blues, voted as best album by Jazz Forum that year. 
In 1996 he created band called Electric Jazz Concert which in its music referred to fusion era and in 1999 recorded well-received Lady Walking album.
Simultaneously he started to work within a new formation that come into being called Artur Dutkiewicz Trio where he played mainstream jazz. He managed to secure here a collaboration of fantastic double bass player Darek Oleszkiewicz (who replaced Daniel Biel who left Poland), permanent resident resident of the US, whose recordings with Bennie Maupin, Brad Mehldau or Charles Lloyd speak for itself, and promising, young drummer Sebastian Frankiewicz.
Going back to music if you like classic jazz trio and happen to be a fan of Jimmy Hendrix this album surely will make you very happy. But even if you are neither of those two you shall not regret money spent on this music because it's extremely listenable and persuasive. And to no surprise because this trio has been playing Hendrix music since 2001 and only now they decided to record. Not only they know it by heart but that they also put all their heart in it. Obviously this album is not any breakthrough in interpretation of Hendrix music but as mainstream jazz it may be very rewarding.
Please visit this artist page to listen to the samples of music from this album:

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