Thursday, July 8, 2010

NBS Trio - Komeda (2010)

I have never heard about NBS Trio up to this moment. And to no surprise because they come from Slovakia, precisely from Banska Bystrzyca, where in 1998 they founded this band and since then issued couple of albums and played many concerts home and abroad, Poland included, in such well respected venues as Warsaw's Tygmont or Cracow's At Muniak. 

But all this would not of course be enough for them to get into my Polish jazz blog had their last recording dedicated to Polish jazz giant Krzysztof Komeda was not such a gem as it reveled to be! One rehearsal after another I cannot stop listening to this record which pays hommage to Komeda in such a straighforward, fresh and unpretentious way that is exactly what Komeda attitude towards life, poeple, jazz was.

Klaudius Kovac (piano), Robert Ragan (bass) and Peter Solarik go through Komeda compositions with utmost elegance (it's good to know that they played together with Scott Hamilton, American giant of classical jazz) but simultaneously they spiced this dish well with modern jazz sensitivity which was Komeda specialite de la maison. All in all this is unbelievably well played jazz proving that Komeda played in Komeda's way is still sounding better than so many newer, strange or even weird interpretations of his immortal works.

By Maciej Nowotny

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