Monday, July 5, 2010

Marcin Oleś & Bartłomiej Brat Oleś - Other Voices, Other Scenes (2010)

I respect a lot what Oleś Brothers achieved in recent years. This album is intended to commemoarte 10th anniversary of their artistic activity on Polish jazz scene. So looking back over those 10 years one must admit that Marcin Oleś (bass) and his brother Bartłomiej (drums) formed one of the best rhythm sections in Poland.  If you are interested in what I think about them you can look at my note on this blog dedicated to their excellent Walk Songs  issued 4 years ago.  
This record contains theater and film music composed by them over last couple of years. The album contains two CDs and a lot of music but surprisingly instead of satisfaction and joy it brings monotony and boredom. I truly regret to say so but I believe good feedback is essential to success in every part of life, music included.
Surely the rhythms played on this album are often very attractive, the moods consistent and I strongly believe that this music may be simply excellent emplacement to theater and film shows but it unfortunately does not stand alone enough solid to sustain listener's attention for longer than just couple of minutes. So perhaps Oleś brothers accomplished great success in writing and performing good music for film and theater but music itself is unsatisfactory on this album. And with such artists as Oleś brothers music should always come first. No compromises should be made! We all remember Miles Davis sound tracks to Ascenseur pour l'echafaud, A Tribute To Jack Johnson or Siesta. Although films are long forgotten music has preserved. This should be direction Oleś brothers should take since their talent certainly justifies even boldest plans. Still I am waiting impatiently for their next record, treating this one as more or (rather) less fortunate interlude.

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