Saturday, December 4, 2010

Adam Pierończyk - Komeda Innocent Sorcerer (2010)

In this pot there are all necessary ingredients for even most choosy jazz fan to become interested in. First, Pierończyk got his own, individual sound. Avantgarde, assertive and attacking style of his alto & tenor saxes is coupled with very energetic pulse of his rhythm sections. What is truly peculiar for Pierończyk is that he managed to couple typical Komeda cool jazz mood with modern post jazz style full of folk references. 
Second, Komeda compositions are still unsurpassed in Polish Jazz as far as sex appeal is concerned. They have this unmistakable features of true masterpieces which are recognized by being simultaneously easy-to-listen and yet very complicated, deep, refined.
Finally, again Pierończyk was able to gather around himself musicians of the biggest calibre. Anthony Cox (bass) is present on his second recording this year (after equally recommendable El Buscador  published earlier this year) and he never fails to follow leader's complicated meanders of melody and rhythm; he is accompanied in rhythm section by excellent drummer Łukasz Żyta, a very significant player in this orchestra. 
But apart from fantastic work of these two musicians one is also truly amazed by very creative and lyrical play of Nelson Veras on guitar. This is brilliant move by Pierończyk to include him into his band instead of typical piano, the instrument Komeda himself was playing. By this move Komeda compositions regained fresheness and ability to surprise again. Gary Thomas on tenor saxophone is making up for what is one of the most unusual and yet succesful bands playing Komeda music in history.
All music on the album is composed by Komeda but whether it is relatively unknown Wicker Basket (masterpiece in Pierończyk interpretaion!) or much better known Kattorna, Sleep Safe And Warm or Crazy Girl, it rocks, it rolls, it never ceases to astonish and amaze. Wonderful music, great musicians, one of the gems of year 2010 in Polish Jazz.  

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