Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tomek Grochot Quintet feat. Eddie Henderson - My Stories (2010)

Fantastic, outstanding, extraordinary? How limited vocabulary of jazz music reviewer is when it comes to expressing his admiration, delight, amazement! 
Many people mistake style with progress. They become infatuated by novelty but   my opinion is that what is good, in music as well as in any other field in life, is always en vogue. Let me give you an example: whether we call her Venus, Virgin Mary, Marylin Monroe or Scarlett Johansson I assume it is beauty, Hellenic "charis", that we are all after? Although beauty is always individual and ever-changing, its idea is permanent, complete, final. Any variation or change to idea is not to be mistaken with creativity as creativity is part of identity, while idea is simply matter of divine inspiration.
Speaking shortly, Tomasz Grochot,  on drums, leader of the group, for whom it is his recording debut,  Adam Pierończyk on alto and soprano saxophones, Dominik Wania on piano and Fender Rhodes, Robert Kubiszyn on double bass plus Eddie Henderson, outstanding American trmpeter, who played with Herbie Hancock, Art Blackey and Pharoah Sanders, recorded the album that is mainstream jazz. Let me say in a different manner: that is beautiful. No, let me make final correction: the album that is.
More about Tomek Grochot and his music (including samples):

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