Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bogdan Hołownia Trio - On The Sunny Side (1997)

It is a debut recording of jazz pianist Bogdan Hołownia, made on 1995 and published 2 years later. Since then he recorded more than 10 CDs proving to be permanent and valuable part of mainstream jazz in Poland. Born in 1957 he turned to playing piano professionally in 1990 when he decided to go to the US to study at famous Berklee College Of Music. This disc contains rehearsals of jazz standards and may be seen as a program prepared by a student to pass high school exams. And this student was very good indeed! His arrangements are usually faithful to originals but always very melodic, delicate and soulful. They go well with winter evening, fireplace, good book and a glass of old wine from your cellar. It may certainly appeal to all those for whom jazz is syncopated music that swings and is played on blue note. On the recording with Hołownia play following musicians: David Clark on double bass and Skip Hadden on drums, both professors at the Berklee.
Small sample of music of Bogdan Hołownia, from different album and accompanied by a vocal, yet representative for his style: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tQqF3BBwA8

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