Saturday, June 25, 2011

Adam Pierończyk Trio - Live In Berlin (Meta Records, 2007)

Adam Pierończyk Trio

Adam Pierończyk (tenor & soprano saxes, zoucra)
Ed Schuller (double bass)
Krzysztof Dziedzic (drums, percussions)

Metarecords, 2006

Courtesy of  Stef Gijssels we would like to remind you an excellent album issued by Adam Pierończyk Trio few years go:

I've sung the praise of Polish saxophonist Adam Pieronczyk before, and I'll do it again now for his new release "Live In Berlin", with Ed Schuller on bass and Krzystof Dziedzic on drums. The performance itself dates back to 2005, played for an obviously small yet attentive audience. Three of the four pieces come from his recent album "Busem po Sao Paulo", the last piece from "Few Minutes In The Space". Pieronczyk's playing is very melodic and creative, accessible with a deep emotional tone, and his compositions are beautiful, simply beautiful. The limited audience creates and intimate atmosphere, which is further reinforced by the minimal line-up and the nature of the music : it's as if you're there, or they here. Ed Schuller's lyrical approach fits perfectly with Pieronczyk's playing and Dziedzic's drumming is a real treat as well: subtle, sophisticated and rock solid. Together they bring long and exciting musical explorations, with great interplay and real soul. While listening to this CD, more than once the thought occurred to me : "this is what jazz is all about". So : recommended.

Author of text: Stef Gijssels (

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