Thursday, June 23, 2011

Alchemik - Sfera Szeptów (Empik Jazz, 2001)

Grzech Piotrowski – soprano saxophone, sopranino
Marcin Masecki – piano
Marcin Murawski – bass
Robert Luty – drums
Jan Pilch – percussion
Barbara Witkowska – harp
Chamber String Ensemble Alchemik – String Quartet

Empik Jazz, 2001

I often use label "smooth jazz" as synonymous of unambitious and bad jazz. But to be honest I am wrong: ANY music may be good or bad, regardless labels which we decide to attach to it. And this album is a very good example of that!

Although verging between smooth jazz and nu jazz therefore using all-well-known harmonies and arrangements, yet it is graciously composed and performed. It is creating relaxing background to comfortable armchair, dimmed lights and evening rest or meditation...

Apart from Grzech Piotrowski whose play on soprano saxophone and sopranino resembles a lot that of Jan Garbarek, I was interested in Marcin Masecki's performance on piano. His recordings with Piotrowski were one of the first in his career: his play on this album is good but pretty much fits in general mood of delicacy and sweetness. Therefore it is even more commendable that in years to come he has been able to dramatically change and develop his musical language which is evidenced by such excellent albums like Pink Freud's "Alchemia" (2007) or his solo "John" (2010). A great example for other young Polish jazz players to follow!

Author of text: Maciej Nowotny (

Check this video to get to know about the general mood of this music:

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