Monday, June 6, 2011

Slowdownrecords is accelerating...

Please, check their new web page:

Maciej Trifonidis Bielawski has been recently recording one fine record after another. Under his own name "Downtown Project" (2010) with his Trifonidis Free Orchestra " like a child" (2009) and another of his group Tricphonix Street Band - "The Dudes (2010)". All these issues are worth checking indeed though my favourite is another group he plays in that is Horny Trees - "Branches Of Dirty Delight" (2009). 

In order to be able to record new albums Maciej Bielawski is following noble examples of artists like Dave Douglas (GreenLeaf) or John Zorn (Tzadik) and created a recording company Slowdownrecords.  Though he started with issuing his own music he has recently announced very interesting new outings planned for autumn this year: 

Kamil Szuszkiewicz "Prolegomena"

Osaca Vacum "Emerging View" featuring Ray Dickaty, Mikołaj Pałosz and Paweł Szpura

Trifonidis Quintet "Illuminations".

We keep our fingers crossed for this enterprise and hope to review these albums once they come to market. Check this video to listen and see how great potential as musician Maciej Bielawski has:

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