Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tricphonix Street Band - The Dudes (2010)

Introduction: Free Jazz Alchemist continues with his cycle about saxophonist Maciej Trifonidis Bielawski:

With its children's game layout, 'bad boys' photo on the cover and "The Dudes" title (and most of the tracks beginning with some fx cartoon/game effects) this is clearly a whole-lot-of-fun project. This is Bielawski's 'dirty dozen' rocking, funking or swinging forward through another set of nice tunes and tight arrangements. Be it fast rock beat of first on the track list "Scooters" or Latin groove (conga driven) of the next "Mutant Parade". Trifonidis loves big (7 horns!) sax section, and, while it doesn't offer the sound palette of a true big band horn section (1 tuba getting lost in the mix) it certainly can deliver a good punch and kick. The overall sdxssound reminds me a bit of some Frank Zappa bands with huge horns section. Bielawski likes to orchestrate whole chords for saxes as if there were guitar riffs (check the ready-made soundtrack for some heroic battle in a comic movie - "Mad Dude"). "Secret Agent "Dude" " would be a great introduction to a James Bond (one with Roger Moore) as it features great groove (finally I can hear joyful and funky sound of the tuba) and a nice old-school counterpoint line. "Lonesome Cowboy" is a melancholic tune, slowly dancing, Balkan influence maybe (definitely lacking the brass sound in this one). And it's hard not to smile while reading/listening to such titles as "Dudes go for a party", "Golota dancing" or "I will show you karate".
If you like big sound, tight arrangements, grooves and fun tunes chasing one another, or you're looking for a soundtrack to some kind of a cartoon game, this one is quite enjoyable, though not really earth-shaking. Like a good 80's action movie. With a nice tempo and some surprising twists of the action you don't really mind if there are some flaws in the whole picture. And to me the biggest downside is - while relying so heavily on composed and tightly arranged material this band can groove easily putting you into foot-tapping and humming mode, yet most of the solos are nice, but not so memorable.
Link to music from project with band called Kerd but it shows energy and vitality of young musicians!

Author of review: Bartek Adamczak vel (Free) Jazz Alchemist
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