Friday, February 25, 2011

Maciej Tubis Trio - Live in Luxembourg (2010)

About pianist Maciej Tubis I wrote a lot when reviewing his first album titled "Fulfillment".  So this time I would skip bio data (you can find it at above mentioned link) and answer only question: what music contains his second disc?
His first album did not appeal to me very much because it contained very little of jazz music, mostly classical playing inspired by Arvo Paart and the likes. However in those rare moments when he played jazz it was obvious that his potential is great. So I was very happy upon hearing than in this album, recorded live in Luxembourd, Maciej Tubis went full-scale into jazz. And the outcome of such decision is magnificent! Especially if you happen to like great piano trios as led by Keith Jarrett, Esbjorn Svensson or Tord Gustavsen. Narrative power of Maciej Tubis play stands comparison with those giants of mainstream piano and listening to this album is simply  joy ride from one beautiful melody to another, all performed in best possible way. Maciej Tubis is supported by Marcin Lamch on double bass and Przemek Pacan on drums. Plus at a certain moment this three musicians are joined by Andre Mergenthaler whose play on cello enlivens the trio format and makes music even more original.
Speaking shortly, this is step in right direction by Maciej and his partners who were capable of producing very high quality mainstream play that remains very rewarding one rehearsal after another.
Check this link for incredibly beautiful song titled "Retrospekcja".
PS. More information about Maciej Tubis you can find as well on AAJ.

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