Saturday, February 26, 2011

Piotr Lemańczyk announces new album!

Piotr Lemańczyk (source) is excellent double bass player who recently recorded two great albums: "Naha Poeple" (2009) with Tim Hagans and "Three Point Shot" (2010) with Jerry Bergonzi. So I am very happy being able to inform you that for 2011 he plans another album titled "Able To Fly". This time he join forces with excellent saxman Maciej SIkała and drummer Tyler Hornby. The CD will be published by Canadian label Chronograph Records. Accordingly concert tour will follow in Canada (info about venues here).
As for Polish fans they had opportunity to listen to this trio recently in Gdańsk during concert series called "Jazz Nad Mołtawą" and thanks to effort by Kazimierz Zagórski  and his "Radio Patrycjusz" radio station you can listen to podcast of the WHOLE concert. I would like to thank Kazimierz  and artists for such a wonderful present!!!

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