Sunday, February 6, 2011

Krzysztof Pacan - Facing the Challenge (2011)

Solar system, Earth, Central Europe, Poland, Warsaw, Domy Towarowe Centrum, Empik is my favourite music shop. It's kind of ritual we got with my daughter: after solemn  Sunday midday meal (which is Polish tradition), we pack ourself into my car and drive to the downtown. Then for about one hour I am digging around shelves in music store while my 12 years old daughter watches my every step and marvels at oddities of my behaviour. "Dad?" - she asks. "What?". "Why did you choose this record without trial listening? It's your habit to trial listen everything". "Well, I know it's good" - I answer. "How? If you have not listened to it, how can you know whether it's good or bad? It's not logical!" - she pinpoints me.

How to answer that? I could tell her that with music it's like with women. A man just needs one look at how woman is swaying while walking to know everything he needs to know.   

With music it's more or less the same, you just need one quick glance. First you see names of musicians: Jurek Małek (trumpet and flugelhorn), Radek Nowicki (tenor and soprano saxophones), Jan Smoczyński (fender rhodes and acoustic piano), Sławek Jaskułke (acoustic piano), Arek Skolik (drums). Not only I know them all well from many good recordings but I know as well that they played with each other since eduction in Music Academy in Katowice and simply can conjure great sound when working together. Second, I see that album was recorded in Tokarnia, which is at the moment one of three best recording venues in Poland, so I am sure that they will not spoil sound that musicians supplied. And my Marantz CD + amp and Tannoy loudspeakers will deliver great sound to my ears once I start rehearsal of this album.

Finally, last but not least as they say in England, a leader, Krzysztof Pacan (bass guitar) though he is relatively unknown but I heard about him enough (like about  Juno project where he collaborated with Robert Cichy and Jan Smoczyński and recorded  "That What I Like" album for good Kayax label) to be curious what he is providing to us this time. The fact that Krzysztof Pacan composed all material on this CD finally persuades me that I probably shall hear something fresh, worthy of time of such a spoiled child as I am as far as jazz music is concerned.

So we return home, I go to living room, unpack CD and turn on audio system. Music is beginning to flow. And you know what? It is good to hear: "Your are right again, Daddy..." 

Check yourself samples of music from Krzysztof Pacan's My Space web page. 

Author: Maciej Nowotny


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