Sunday, February 13, 2011

Seifert music celebrated in Trzcianka!

Introduction: this text appears courtesy of jazz photographer Piotr Siatkowski. His photographs in unique way reflect personalities of jazz musicians and reproduce the atmosphere of concerts:

A new jazz festival in Trzcianka in northwest Poland is going to take place very soon (Feb. 18-19). As you can see looking at the dates, it's not a big one, but I think it will be very interesting. It is organized only by one person - a great jazz fan Bogdan Ratajczak and he wants to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of Zbigniew Seifert's death. I am sure all of you know this incredible jazz violin player but if you don't, it can be a good occasion to change it. Two good young bands led by Mateusz Smoczynski and Adam Baldych will play at the festival presenting music by, and influenced by the fantastic player. The organizer also plans a lecture devoted to Seifert's life and music, you will see fragments of a new film titled "Zbigniew Seifert in Memoriam - Passion" by the American director Erin Harper. Another interesting offer is an exhibition of very rare photographs, documents, posters, record covers etc. related to Zbigniew and his work. A wonderful chance to learn or remember the music of one of the greatest jazz musicians.

Please, check Piotr Siatkowski web site for more interesting texts and photographs.

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