Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sing Sing Penelope + Andrzej Przybielski - Stirli People in Jazzga (2008) by Maciej Nowotny

I am not a professional jazz critic, I make money elsewhere. But if I were one, I would choose always to listen to music from concert first before issuing my opinion about musician or band. Best example is Tomasz Stańko music as recorded for ECM: I am not that great fun of it. It's too monotonous for me, too monochromatic and monosyllabic. Yeah, that was a joke but to be honest I always find Stańko during concerts many times better than on any CD. If music is well played live it engages not only our mind but also body, down to its smallest cell, every part of it begin to resound, sway, dance, illuminate! I believe true jazz lovers know what I mean... Do you?

So speaking shortly if I have a choice I shall always go for live recordings. And that's why out of all albums of excellent Sing Sing Penelope band I choose this one as the best (the same story is with Pink Freud's live CD titled "Alchemia"). But that's not everything which makes this album so extraordinary, because apart from being recorded live in legendary Mózg (in Bydgoszcz) and Jazzga (in Łódź) clubs, its musical appeal is augmented by presence of trumpeter Andrzej Przybielski.

He is known in Poland under nick name "Major". His style formed in 70ties when he collaborated with giants of Polish pop scene like Czesław Niemen and SBB. His sound is most influenced by Miles Davis trumpet as we know it from such legendary albums as "Bitches Brew" or "Tribute to Jack Johnson". He finds himself best when surrounded by musicians who love to play together producing trance-like rhythms, an atmosphere of other-worldness, of spiritual detachment and trip to outer space. That is at least how he sounds on this recording where he not only follows steps of Great Mage from his 70ties period but is also pushing boundaries much further entering free jazz dimensions never or rarely visited by Miles. Can you imagine attitude more faithful to the soul of jazz than one displayed by Przybielski and his young companions?

I am sure we will hear more great music from Tomasz Glazik (sax), Rafał Gorzycki (drums), Wojciech Jachna (trumpet), Daniel Mackiewicz (piano & percussion), Patryk Węcławek (bass) but unfortunately not from Andrzej Przybielski any more. He departed as of yesterday - 9th Februrary 2011 - leaving all jazz lovers in Poland in state of deep shock. Regardless of countless recordings he made so far and his 65 years, we hoped to hear still more fantastic music in future from him. But it ends here ... or perhaps not as stated his long time companion Piotr Baron who on Facebook wrote on this occasion: "Farewell in Heaven Major". This short note in its humbleness is the only tribute I can offer to this man of note...

Track listing: Track listing: 1. No, a reszta gdzie? [00:25]; 2. W arce [06:19]; 3. Stirli People [18:57]; 4. Do krwi [04:16]; 5. Góru [09:38]; 6. Talkin' Part II [06:05]; 7. Hosanna SSP [10:45]

Check this fragment of concert with material from the album to get to know how great loss we are forced to accept:

By Maciej Nowotny

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