Friday, February 11, 2011

Robert Majewski - My One And Only Love (2011)

Once I heard that Robert Majewski (trumpet) is going to record new album with Bobo Stanson (piano), Palle Danielsson (bass)  and Joey Baron (drums) my reaction was simple: wow!!! However when I today have had opportunity to listen to this music I must say: oh no!!! Let me clarify my point quickly as I was always of the opinion that unpleasant job is best done without hesitation: this is simply not jazz. Surely jazz musicians are taking part in this recording session (which took place between 10-12 December 2010), surely tunes are all jazz standards (almost exclusively ballads), surely it has this jazzy feeling that would make it perfectly matching for gourmet restaurants, high standard office buildings elevators or high brow parties of Warsaw snobs. It is so meticulously played, so awesomely executed, so astonishingly delivered that it would easily make all believe it is some extraordinary piece of jazz. But sorry, it isn't. It's extraordinary piece of classical music. Yeah, classical. It's like connecting dead body of John Coltrane more than 40 years after his death  to some black magician electric apparatus and make him play, dance and smile the way Louis Armstrong did. Obscene!
As one of my friends Marek L. likes to say this album is "parsecs" away from what is now most valuable in modern jazz. And yet I am sure it will scoop all positive reviews and I am afraid some people will terminate their Facebook friendship with me upon reading this text. So let me confess one thing: I am raving mad, mentally unstable, out-of-control being in consequence completely untrustworthy in my opinions up to the moment of last full stop in this text (check out this link for sample of music from this album) """."""


  1. I agree with you. It's far too petite and perfect but it's still worth listening to, in my opinion.

  2. I agree, it is definitely worth listening to: piece of very beautiful music! My musical taste has shfited since couple of years more toward free jazz and that's the reason for such opinion as expressed in this post...Best regards :-)))


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